Why is PR so important?

The word Public Relations is overall known, but few really understand the meaning of it or what it involves. Some organisations really feel the importance of PR part of their marketing strategies and as a way to improve their reputation. Public Relations involves sending the right messages to the right places and people to create a brand reputation. That's why IMPROBABLE works together with our clients to build their image according their industry. It's promoting the value of

Advice on micro-moments

We all have those mobile moments. At this point in time, we have created this habit to turn to our phones whenever we need anything. And the thing is, more people (especially millennials) are living in this mobile time. This mobile time leads to micro-moments when people get things done on their mobile devices, such as learning about an event, for example. It is practically an instantaneous event in which people read information or perform a small task. It is part of the rapi