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Advice on micro-moments

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

We all have those mobile moments. At this point in time, we have created this habit to turn to our phones whenever we need anything. And the thing is, more people (especially millennials) are living in this mobile time.

This mobile time leads to micro-moments when people get things done on their mobile devices, such as learning about an event, for example. It is practically an instantaneous event in which people read information or perform a small task. It is part of the rapidly changing environment of today. The consequence is, while devices are becoming faster, users' attention span are getting shorter. So my advice is to reach the target group during these micro-periods of time. Although it might not seem easy, it is very effective. This way of communicating does however need a crystal clear strategy with an user-friendly design and completely focused on mobile devices.

The communication and call to action has to be short in steps. Customers don't look for drawn-out processes, nor do they want to wait or fill in 10 questions. Every second counts and is one in which you risk losing the customer.

A first-in-class example of using micro-moments in marketing strategies is Amazon. The company sends information about products or events to the client. The call to action is clear and asks to tap one button in order to start the one-click shopping. On top of that, the order will be delivered on the same day. It is super easy, user-friendly and performed in seconds from any location.

It's easy to understand that communication has to be solid in order to be absorbed by the target group. Making use of micro-moments is an effective way to deliver appropriate information to your clients and most important, during the most responsive times. Get in touch if you want to know more about mobile moments.

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